One of the charities that we have decided to support with our bike ride is Parkinson’s UK. This is because of the profound effect we have seen Parkinson’s disease have on loved ones. My Uncle Roger and Grandfather Joe had Parkinson’s disease and both fought long and tough battles with this debilitating disease. With the support of their families they owned Parkinson’s disease and didn’t let it own them keeping an amazing positivity, sense of humour and not losing themselves to the disease. But not everyone has this network.

Public opinion of this disease does not reflect the true debilitating nature of Parkinson’s which aside from involuntary shakes can steal people’s livelihood, mobility and in some cases mind. However, for most people it’s just known as a disease that gives you the shakes.

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system mainly affecting the motor system. Parkinson’s is a lifelong condition and although it does not directly cause loss of life it greatly worsens health in later life and normally leads to complications that significantly shorten the sufferer’s life. Parkinson’s UK concentrates on research, care and support to increase quality of life. It forms a support network for sufferers and families of suffers to help them take control and support them through a difficult time. There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease and limited research funding.

To make a donation to Parkinson’s UK visit our JustGiving page.


Chris and Liz


In aid of - HIGH RES
 Jackie Turley
I’m cycling in memory of my brother Richard, who died from cancer in 2003.
We discovered after he died that he had been making regular donations to the Isle of Man branch of the Samaritans.
As a family we’re grateful that the charity was able to support him through such a difficult time.
So it seems like a fitting way of honouring his memory –  and excellent motivation for the 900-plus miles ahead – to give something back to the Samaritans.
As my eldest brother, he would have given me a lot of grief for even thinking of doing it…but would have been secretly quite proud of what a Turley could achieve.
Samaritans’ listening volunteers across the British Isles provide a confidential, 24-hour listening service, which responds to five million contacts a year.
On the Isle of Man they also reach out in the local community by visiting schools and workplaces, and go into the prison on a weekly basis.
The charity also holds a ‘Listening to Others’ half-day course at Isle of Man College.
To make an online donation to Samaritans Isle of Man please go to my fundraising page.
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Jax xx