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Fair weather cyclist? Not me!


This morning was my last chance to clock up some miles before I’m away for a week in Somerset. Predictably, I was woken up with a soggy Junebug jumping on to the bed and opening the curtains I couldn’t see the hills for the mist.

Cycling along Douglas prom I had to dodge the waves crashing on to the seafront. I stopped and tried to take a picture but my phone was too soaked all I got was raindrops.

This was me at the end of my 25 miles – still smiling!

Route planning

So, our bike ride is getting longer. Liz is busy finalising the route for each day at the moment, making sure we’re avoiding the busiest of the roads and working out how to get to our B&B/friend’s house each night. It all means we’re now up to 961 miles!

Best to try not to dwell on it too much…argh!

Training has been very limited for me this week as I’ve pulled a muscle in my leg. It’s very frustrating as the weather has been ideal for cycling and now the end of June is approaching, all of a sudden September doesn’t seem that far off…



We’re doing it!

Hopefully the first of many posts about our successful LEJOG adventure!

Liz and I have talked about doing LEJOG for a number of years and finally, this year, we were both able to commit to the challenge. We’re glad that Chris is fully in on our plan too, not least to share out who is taking the lead.

Training has it’s ups and downs in more than one sense. The Isle of Man’s undulating landscape means that I’ve been getting lots of hill practice under my belt without trying. While Liz and Chris have been able to fit in some really long bike rides. Between us all, we’re sorted!

Jax x