Day 12: Inverness to Port Gower (70 miles)

It was a welcome return to the usual routine today with support driver three Kev and support car Carl meeting us at our stops. In a show of solidarity Kev was also sporting high vis today, much to High Vis Liz’s delight.

Crossing over the Moray Firth there may well have been dolphins. But all we could see was mist. 

In fact the mist stayed with us throughout the day so what we are sure is a truly spectacular landscape was completely lost on us.

Our first 14 miles to Dingwall revealed just how much the challenge has taken out of us.  First I confused a sign of a sheep for a cat. And then Liz confused a dead rabbit in the road for a sheep’s head. Chris was generally confused.

The first 10 miles turned out to be a not too steep climb, but definitely uphill, and we then enjoyed the long descent into the town. There we called in at Tina’s Tearoom at the railway station, where we were given a warm welcome.

Father-son relations did appear a little strained though with Kev threatening Chris: ‘I won’t be at the next stop, there’s a distillery on the way!’

We continued both north and uphill with the Firth of Cromarty completely passing us by.

We only managed to get over our disappointment the route didn’t take in Bonar Bridge when Liz disappeared behind a bridge for a wee.

Since taking this picture I have promised not to take any more, however tempting it is. 

Lunch was in Tian where the comedy biscuit on offer at the bakery was a gingerbread Cyclops:

It was then we discovered Kev had been visiting the area’s top tourist attraction, a 700 year old stone at Nigg.

After lunch we set off down the A9, where we soon found out the end really is in sight:

We enjoyed crossing the Dornoch Firth bridge and looking out for otters when the signs told us to. But it was a busy road with some large vehicles so we made our way carefully.

Our afternoon stop was at Golspie to admire some public toilets Liz found on an architects website. See what you think…

The last 15 miles went slowly. We were still on the A9 and the mist had lowered. But liz was happy we got to call in at Dunrobin Castle and made it to Port Gower in good time. And the sun even came out (although the forecast is for heavy rain tomorrow).

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