Day 10: Edinburgh to Pitlochry (69 miles)

We thought that today’s excitement would come first thing. Reaching day 10, double digits, was exciting in itself. And cycling over the Forth Road Bridge shortly after leaving our Premier Inn was spectacular.

But that was just the start of our adventure. In fact as I type, at 6pm, we are two team members down…

My bike Liv suffered a puncture shortly after going over the Forth Road Bridge. It says something about Scottish roads that I initially attributed the bumps to the uneven surface. This is me looking confused (why my neck has disappeared is also a mystery).

Five miles later I immediately knew I had a puncture, and this time we found the shard of glass that was to blame. We (well Liz and Chris) fixed it and we got on our way again.

It was at this time that we found out that support driver three Kev and support car Carl hadn’t made much progress either. Carl’s windscreen wipers were broken – and it was pouring with rain.

We carried on towards Kinross, cycling carefully as we had no more spare inner tubes. The route included a brilliant empty road through a forest and then a stunning descent with a loch view. We also spotted our first Highland cows.

Fending for ourselves, we stopped off at a bike shop to stock up on inner tubes and then headed to a bakery for sausage rolls and Mr Blobby biscuits.

While eating them, Liz introduced the word of the day, nomenclature, in a sentence about the inner tube boxing.

Liz to Jackie: ‘As a journalist, I’m surprised you haven’t heard of nomenclature. I use it all the time at work.’

Jackie: ‘How do you spell it?’

Liz: ‘N A M…’ (Takes a large bite of millionaire shortbread.)

Then five minutes later, Liz: ‘I don’t like long words.’

We were in the gap between two hills which we had named big boob and little boob when we received the bad news about Carl – he can’t be fixed today.

We cycled on towards our lunch stop at Perth wondering what to do for the best. Kev meanwhile continued to make friends with the staff and customers at the Ford garage. One customer very kindly  handed him a £10 donation! And Kev has asked me to say a big thank you to Lisa for their help.

Two customers at our lunch stop also surprised us with their generosity. Big thanks to Elspeth and Zoe for their donation – it really lifted our mood on a very trying day.

By now, Kev had sorted a temporary new support car, Carl 2, in the shape of a hire car. Only problem was it wouldn’t be ready until 4pm.

And so, while we carried on our mainly uphill and usually very pretty journey north, catching a glimpse of our first kilt wearing Scot, Kev continued his Scottish adventure by sitting at the Ford garage.

Our afternoon stop was at the tourist trap of Dunkeld at 52 miles. We knew it was popular as it cost us 30p to use the toilets.

Low on energy and supplies we pressed on for the final 17 miles. The route was a slippery cycle path alongside the River Tay and then a single track road where pheasants far outweighed the cars.

We reached Pitlochry in the rain and faced one last steep climb up to our accommodation. Still, we beat Kev and Carl 2 by more than an hour. 

3 thoughts on “Day 10: Edinburgh to Pitlochry (69 miles)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh dear dear what a saga! Glad you’re all safe if probably not sane !!!
    Hope day 11 proves to be better. Well done all of you. Keep right on to the end of the road xxxxxx love Jenn xxxx


  2. Joanna Quincey says:

    Liz – Impressed that you got a chemistry word into the blog! Loving Jackie’s blog – highly entertaining evening reading! Wishing you all well for the remainder of your trip.


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