Day 1: Land’s End to Hellandbridge (71.7 miles)

We arrived at Land’s End to find we certainly weren’t the only End to End cyclists setting off today. After waiting for a large group to have their pictures taken we lined up in front of the signpost for the obligatory photo taken by support driver one, Jean.

Land’s End itself was rather strange – a random collection of tat collectively comprising a visitor centre. And then we set off back towards Penzance.

Cycling along the seafront Liz tried to take us into the harbour for a second time. And we soon discovered the directions on the Garmin and Liz’s sense of left and right have room for improvement.

This was a very typical exchange between Liz and Chris throughout the day:

Chris: ‘Which way is it?’

Liz: ‘Right.’

(Chris turns right)

Liz: ‘No, I mean left.’

(Chris has to turn round)

By the end of the day, Liz was adding ‘actual’ before the direction. We think it meant she had thought about it before speaking.

The road surface varied significantly. The best were quiet lanes. But we also tackled cobbles, sandy paths and puddle filled pothole bridle paths. 

A few times we had to deviate from the planned route because it looked like a guaranteed puncture. We also had to turn round after climbing a hill to find a housing estate is being built on our cycle path.

On the whole we didn’t encounter too much traffic but there were a few busy roads to cross.

It wasn’t until after lunch that we encountered the infamous Cornish hills – usually they appeared out of nowhere and continued round many corners. They definitely slowed us down a bit.

We took it in turns to ride five miles at the front all day. When we reached The Camel Trail I was in front so took on the role of head camel. Chris was hump one and Liz was hump two. Liz swears she saw four camels.

After a surprisingly steep hill into Hellandbridge we eventually arrived at our hotel at 6pm, a bit later than expected. We are now refuelling for tomorrow, which promises to be a longer, hillier route than today. We are all hoping we don’t have too many bonus miles from the dodgy directions!


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