Day 0: Isle of Man and Wokingham to Penzance (in a car)

Support driver one (Jean) and I (Jackie) had an early start to fly to Gloucester. Quite a bumpy flight through the mist on a 20 seater tin bucket of a plane so we were pleased to land! 

Meanwhile it was the start of Chris’s epic 320 mile drive via the airport to Penzance. Liz provided some helpful, some less helpful, travel directions from the passenger seat. Trying to send us into the harbour at Penzance was a low point. 

I’d like to say it was a scenic drive that whet our appetites for the cycle back north again. Unfortunately we could barely see anything due to the heavy rain and mist. 

We finally got to our youth hostel at about 5.30pm, about two hours later than expected. We have bunk beds in tiny rooms – one so small the receptionist gave us free breakfast! Still, we are all quite tired so hopefully we will sleep okay.

Dinner was at the Pirate Inn. Decor was a little plainer than we had hoped. But there were some crusty seadogs propping up the bar.

Pork pies are going to feature prominently over the next two weeks. Liz is obsessed. So we are going to keep count. So far, one! 

We are now all set – or as much as we ever will be – for tomorrow. Fingers crossed…


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