Our route

image003 (2)

Liz has made this map of our route that shows where we’re aiming for each day.

We have four ‘quite flat’ days that I think we’re all looking forward to. But first of all we have to survive the infamously short sharp hills of Cornwall and Devon. Day seven will be a tough cookie too – 93 very hilly miles anyone?!

It shows how far we’ve come with our training though that I can look at the 60-70 mile days and consider them ‘short’. It wasn’t that long ago I was proud of making it 20 miles without collapsing in a sweaty heap.

We’re determined to stay together and look out for each other and I know that’s what will get us through the tough times ahead. Liz has the Garmin with the route on it so we haven’t got much of a choice anyway!

If anyone will be near where we’re cycling and would like to come and say hello, throw some jelly babies to us or even cycle a few miles with us then get in touch.

Looking at the map is making me nervous  now. Much better to think one day at a time.

Jax x


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