Our route

image003 (2)

Liz has made this map of our route that shows where we’re aiming for each day.

We have four ‘quite flat’ days that I think we’re all looking forward to. But first of all we have to survive the infamously short sharp hills of Cornwall and Devon. Day seven will be a tough cookie too – 93 very hilly miles anyone?!

It shows how far we’ve come with our training though that I can look at the 60-70 mile days and consider them ‘short’. It wasn’t that long ago I was proud of making it 20 miles without collapsing in a sweaty heap.

We’re determined to stay together and look out for each other and I know that’s what will get us through the tough times ahead. Liz has the Garmin with the route on it so we haven’t got much of a choice anyway!

If anyone will be near where we’re cycling and would like to come and say hello, throw some jelly babies to us or even cycle a few miles with us then get in touch.

Looking at the map is making me nervous  now. Much better to think one day at a time.

Jax x



First group ride!

Today was a big day – our first ride together. I flew over from the Isle of Man to spend the weekend with Liz and Chris so we could get used to cycling together as a group and to discuss some of the many planning issues.

We went out for 83 miles, stopping off in Marlow for lunch and then just 10 miles later for coffee and cake. The picture is taken at the cafe, which we highly recommend!

We had a few minor hiccups along the way – ending up in a graveyard, a chain coming off and forgetting the sun cream on what turned into a beautiful sunny day.

But all in all, it was great to finally get out all together and we returned home feeling a little more prepared for the adventure ahead.

So, this is what 80 miles looks like…

Today I achieved  my longest ever bike ride at 80.1 miles (the 0.1 is important). After last week’s success at 75 miles I wanted to make this one not only longer but also a bit more hilly. I was aiming for 4,000ft, but got a little carried away so ended up at 4,225ft. It always surprises me when I get a new distance under my belt. Think I’m looking fairly normal (for me)…IMAG1461